The Best Honeymoon Destinations (by Month)

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The majority of couples still take their honeymoons shortly after the wedding. Which means that honeymooners have to consider seasonality and find a destination that works well for their specific travel dates. But how do you know which places are the best at different times of year? Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered, with our handy guide to the best honeymoon destinations by month!

The Weather

Before we get to the months, there are a few criteria to keep in mind. First is, of course, the weather.

Sunset beach Costa Rica Honeymoons

Beachy and tropical islands often have just two seasons: Dry and Rainy. These seasons tend to be the opposite on different sides of the world. So no matter what month you travel in, you can find a beautiful beachy location somewhere.

[Photo Credit: Katey & Oliver via Shared Adventures – read about their Costa Rica Honeymoon here!]

The Crowds

a piazza in Rome full of tourists, ideal for Honeymoons

The other important factor to consider is crowds. Certain months see high crowds for a reason. Everyone is excited to experience the best weather the destination has to offer! Think about whether it’s more important to you to have the best weather possible (despite the crowds). Or would you prefer to risk some less-than-ideal days in exchange for having a sense of seclusion?

[Photo credit: Ann via Shared Adventures]

With these answers in mind, have a look at our monthly guide! We’ve split the destinations into two categories: “High-season” is the best weather with potentially the biggest crowds. “Best balance” has decent weather balanced with smaller crowds.


St. Lucia– high-season
Costa Rica- high-season
Aruba – high-season

Norway high-season
Swiss Alps- best balance

Beachy Honeymoons: For the best weather, look to the equator. Destinations in the Central America region ( including the Caribbean) will be beautiful. They will also be in peak season. January offers clear blue skies, warm seas, and a perfectly idyllic beach vacation. It’s just a bonus that you can escape from the cold!

Snowy Honeymoons: Consider just how cold you truly want it to be. The further north you go, the darker and colder it gets, which gives you the brilliant opportunity to see the Northern Lights. January also tends to be less busy than February in top ski destinations due to the shorter days.


Mexico– high-season
New Zealand- high-season
Hawai’i – best balance

Swiss Alps- high-season
Norway- best balance
California- best balance

Beachy Honeymoons: February is a peak month for tropical travel. The Caribbean, and Mexico are popular with everyone trying to escape the winter cold, including families on school vacation breaks. Hawaii can be a good option, because the weather is temperate year round and spreads the crowds out. And French Polynesia might work, as long as you’re okay with some passing rain showers.

Snowy Honeymoons: How important is skiing? How cold is too cold? If you want to hit the slopes every day of your honeymoon, then February is prime ski season in many winter destinations! If you’re looking for other winter activities, you’ll find the extra cold temps mean a lot of opportunities to snuggle up, fewer crowds, and more daylight hours for adventuring!


The Maldives– best balance
New Zealand- best balance

Iceland- best balance (for snow)
Japan- high-season (mid-March)

Beachy Honeymoons: March is a great honeymoon month to avoid crowds if you don’t mind a little unpredictability. It’s the last month of the dry season in many places. So look more closely at the weather reports and consider spots where a few small showers and cooler nights will enhance your trip.

Snowy Honeymoons: This is the last opportunity of the year to enjoy a snowy destination! Consider what winter activities you’re most excited to experience. Because you start to get longer hours of daylight in March, find a destination that has a lot of outdoor adventures. 

a view of the siene, the eiffle tower and the paris skyline in Paris for Honeymoons
[Photo Credit: Ann via Shared Adventures – read about her April in Paris trip here!]


The Caribbean– best balance
Seychelles- best balance
South Africa- best for combining different regions

Australia- best balance
France- high-season
Napa, California- best balance

Beachy Honeymoons: April is the bridge between the dry and wet seasons. For the best weather, look into heading a bit further towards the southern hemisphere. If you’d rather stay closer to home, the Caribbean will have some unpredictability, but overall beautiful days and lower crowds. 

City Breaks: April is the beginning of perfectly romantic city breaks. Consider locations that you dream of strolling around, admiring the architecture and the flowers in bloom. Look to Europe and Japan for the most beautiful displays of spring blooms. 


Portugal– best balance
Malta- best balance
Costa Rica- best balance
Hawai’i- best balance

Fiji- best balance
Scotland- best balance
Ireland- best balance

Beachy Honeymoons: A perfect shoulder month. If you’re looking to stay closer to home, the Caribbean and Central America will have lower crowds without (yet) the summer rains. Otherwise, you can beat the summer crowds but enjoy the rising temperature on the other side of the globe. Southern Europe and the South Pacific are entering their dry season. Warm weather, low humidity, and the islands practically to yourselves — It makes the long plane trip worth it! 

Sightseeing and Exploring: If you’re not a sunseeker, look into northern Europe. A perfect combination of warm days, cool nights, green countryside, lower crowds, and maybe still a little snow on the utmost mountain peaks. 

lush green mountains of Hawaii an a blue bay on the road to hana. perfect for hawaii honeymoons
[Photo credit: Ann via Shared Adventures Travel]


Hawai’i– high-season
Antigua- best balance
St. Lucia- best balance

Fiji- high-season
Greece- best balance
Alaska- best balance

Beachy Honeymoons: June is the beginning of hurricane season in the Caribbean, but it’s still too early for major risk. This is a good month for sun-seekers. Look for spots where you can sneak in before the storm risk increases in late summer.

City Breaks: June is an excellent month for city breaks. Everything is open and waiting, but the true heat of summer hasn’t settled into the cobblestones yet. Look for cities that allow you to get out into nature a bit for a cool breeze.


French Polynesia– high-season
Malta- high-season
Italy- high-season

Ireland- high-season
Canada- high-season

Beachy Honeymoons: French Polynesia and southern Europe swell to their peak popularity. Honeymooners in July will almost certainly have to share the beaches with plenty of other travelers.

Outdoorsy Honeymoons: July is the peak month for many cooler-weather destinations that are just coming into their own at this time of year. Look to the north to find green fields, hiking trails, cool mountain lakes, fresh breezes, and unending hours of daylight.


Kenya & Tanzania– high-season
Mozambique- high-season
Bali- high-season
Vietnam- high-season

Croatia- high-season

The sweltering temps are reaching their peak and everyone is looking for a beach. August is difficult to avoid crowds, especially in Europe where many countries have their summer vacations. Look to the islands in Southeast Asia and Southern Africa for the peak of the dry season. Beautiful beaches and beautiful clear skies await you there.

driving nin maine
[Photo credit: Liz via Shared Adventures Travel – read about a New England Roatrip here!]


Hawai’i – best balance
French Polynesia- best balance
Bali- best balance
Greece- best balance

Croatia- best balance
Italy- best balance
Japan-best balance
The UKbest balance

Beachy Honeymoons: This is the perfect moment to swoop in and enjoy the last warm days without all the crowds. Look to the most popular summer beach destinations. You’ll find amazing weather, still-warm seas, and fewer people.

City Breaks: Like April, September is a perfect month for city breaks. The sweltering heat dissipates and the nights start to cool. Everything is still open and buzzing from summer, but the temperatures and crowd levels are much more pleasant. This is the time to visit Italy, Greece and Croatia!


Vietnam- best balance
Dubai- best balance
Zambia- high-season

France- best balance
Amsterdam- best balance
Canada-best balance
New England- high-season

Beachy Honeymoons: This is the best time to visit those destinations that are almost unbearably hot in summer. While October brings unpredictability, it also brings good opportunities to explore beyond the beach. 

Cool Honeymoons: Stunning fall foliage is the main focus of an October honeymoon in North America and Europe. While you may have a mixture of sun and rain, October’s quiet crispness in the cities will only add to the romantic atmosphere.


Thailand-best balance
The Maldives- high-season
Jamaica- best balance

Australia- high-season
Argentina- best balance
Chile- best balance

November is all about the Southern Hemisphere. While the north experiences rain and cloudy skies, the south is right at the beginning of summer. The weather isn’t too hot yet and the crowds aren’t too big, so overall you want to consider the bottom half of the world. It’s also a good time for the Caribbean, as the hurricane risk is nearly past, and crowds ten to be lower.


The Caribbean-high-season
Mexico– high-season
Thailand– high-season
Bali- high-season

Copenhagen- best holiday markets
Austria- best holiday markets
Prague- best holiday markets

Beachy Honeymoons: The holiday season sees everyone in the north escaping the cold for beautiful beaches. Consider places near to the equator on both sides of the world- South East Asia, The Caribbean, and Mexico are all in their stride. 

Snowy Honeymoons: The beginning of snow, cold temperatures, and beautiful holiday markets! While snow is a little unpredictable, consider those cold-weather cities with booming holiday markets as the perfect cozy romantic destinations. 

You Can’t Instagram Fiji

I mean, obviously, you {can} but it’s never going to capture the real essence of the islands, and what it means to visit Fiji.

Everyone knows Tahiti and Bora Bora are the social media queens.  They have all the right camera angles and lighting… the IG-worthy overwater bungalows… the hashtags… the memes.  But Fiji is the absolute definition of #nofilter. It’s real, and earnest, and full of heart. The country’s whole brand is built around “happiness”, and it works!

relaxing hammocks on a beach

It’s farther to get to than French Polynesia, and harder to get around once you’re there, with less infrastructure, weaker WiFi, and fewer picture-perfect photo ops, but Fiji grabs your heart from the moment you arrive, and leaves you yearning to come back.


It’s the people.

There is nothing like a Fijian smile. Or a warm Fijian welcome. Where else in the world do you see the entire staff of a hotel (front and back of house alike) come out to sing a welcome song when guests arrive? And another farewell song when they leave?

restaurant on a beautiful beach Fiji
Seaside dining at Castaway island Resort

I’ve travelled all over the world, and Fiji is the first and only place where I’ve had a hotel exec come hang out with us for a popcorn-fueled “girls night” in our villa.  Or stayed at a five-star luxury resort where the evening’s big entertainment was crab races….cheered on by every guest on property. Fiji can be pampering and luxurious, but still be barefoot, friendly, and casual at the same time.

Fiji pool that opens into the sea
Liku Liku Resort

My recent visit, as a guest of Tourism Fiji and the Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Specialists Association, was a whirlwind one.  We were there for seven nights, staying in a different hotel every single night, and we also toured/visited at least eight or nine more hotels, resorts, and beach clubs in the Mamanucas Islands, the Coral Coast, Pacific Harbour and Denarau. And that just barely scratched the surface. I’ll have to plan a return trip to go up north to Vanua Levu, and to the Yasawa Islands.

tuquoise blue water and white sand beach Fiji
Mala Mala Beach Club

While we were there, we got to experience all sorts of local activities. We snorkeled in a marine sanctuary, we learned how to husk and grate coconuts, we drank kava, and learned how to make palm frond baskets, we prepared kokoda (similar to ceviche), and enjoyed fire dancers and a meke ceremony (Fijian warriors). The one thing we didn’t have time to do, which I would definitely recommend doing if you get the chance, was to visit a local village.

Cooking lesson at Nanuku Auberge Resort

If I had to put the spotlight on just a few of my most memorable moments on the trip, they would include a torchlit dinner on the dock at Tropica Island Resort, listening to “Mama Helen” (GM, Helen Regan) regale us with tales of the islands; flying from Pacific Harbour to Nadi in a tiny little six-seater plane that felt like a flying coffin; and coming back from dinner at the Intercontinental Fiji to find that “elves” had drawn a bubble bath in my patio Jacuzzi, lit some candles, and left me a pot of tea next to the tub.

We stayed in some fabulous resorts, and saw some gorgeous places, but it’s the people and the experiences that really make Fiji so special. When we had to say goodbye, every single one of us cried. As did our Tourism Fiji guides who had been with us for the week!

My sweet and beautiful new Fijian friends, Illi and Oni, from Tourism Fiji.

Here are some overall thoughts and tips:

  • The flight is long. There’s no getting around that, so it’s better to just embrace it. Wear your comfiest clothes, bring a book or two, or download a season of your favorite Netflix show. Relax, and try to get some sleep.
  • Leave the high heels at home. And bring your water shoes. Some of the private-island resorts don’t have docks, so when you arrive by water taxi you roll up your pants and wade ashore while the staff takes care of your luggage.
  • Be prepared to unplug. Most of the resorts we stayed in did not have televisions in the room (even the high-end properties), and many had WiFi only in the common areas. It’s by design. They want you to stop staring at a screen and enjoy the moment.
  • Stay for at least 8-10 days, so that you can experience more than one island/hotel.
  • Bring an open mind, and an open heart, and be prepared to fall in love 😊

To see more photos from Fiji, including albums from each of the hotels we stayed at, visit the Annie’s Escapes Facebook page!

You provided excellent guidance for us. I appreciated that you really had us think about what was most important to us when we were selecting the right cruise – and not to totally focus on what other people had to say. THANK YOU for helping to make this a memorable trip for our family! It really was a trip of a lifetime!

Clare and Mark (family cruise to Alaska)

The level of service we experienced was out of this world (and we did NOT make it easy on Ann). We weren’t quite sure where we wanted to go, when we would be able to go, or what “vibe” we were going for. After asking us some key questions (what we liked, didn’t like, why, etc.) Ann helped us narrow down our trip details and planned the honeymoon of our dreams. She helped book some of our excursions, answered some emergency questions while abroad and was always available/willing to help. I think it’s safe to say we won’t be using anyone else for future travel planning – Ann is a rockstar!

Carli (Italy and Spain)