A Perfect Honeymoon in Tahiti

When Heather & Jesse asked about an October honeymoon to French Polynesia and Tahiti, we knew exactly what would fit them best! We planned an incredible two-week adventure that had a little bit of everything. From relaxing on the beach to a bucket list snorkeling experience to a private overwater bungalow! Here’s their in-depth review of their Tahitian Honeymoon!


We arrived at Papeete, Tahiti fresh off our destination wedding in South Carolina. And were simultaneously exhausted and excited for our upcoming Tahiti adventure.  We arrived at the Hilton hotel well ahead of our check-in time (and ahead of cocktail hour). So, we grabbed some coffees and sat outside by the pool.  The pool area at the Hilton is very nice – clean, well-appointed, and beautiful.  We spent most of the second day in a private two-person chair at the pool, overlooking the ocean.  The restaurant at the hotel was delicious, for dinner and breakfast.  And the service at the hotel in general was outstanding.  Our two-night stay at the Hilton in Tahiti was a great way to ease into the trip.

a stunning sunset over the pool and ocean at a resort in Tahiti
Sunset over the pool at the Hilton Papeete – Tahtiti

Next on our agenda was a ferry transfer from Tahiti to Moorea for a 6-night stay at the Hilton Moorea in a private bungalow.  Moorea’s green mountains and cliffs are stunning, as are the clear waters that surround it. 

It’s worth pointing out that on transfer days, you usually end up with some time to kill before check-in. We used this time to plan some outings with the concierge and lounge by the pool with a drink. While waiting, the staff also taught Jesse how to husk and open a coconut!

Once we checked in, we found our bungalow was a little weathered and not quite as pristine as the Hilton hotel on Papeete, Tahiti, but it was very private with our own little pool.  This first night we took advantage of one of the local restaurants that run shuttles to the hotel and had a nice authentic Moorea dinner.

Moorea Adventures

On our second day, we took an off-road truck tour to visit some of the tourist highlights of the island.  Our local guide Patrick was outstanding.  We went up the very steep road to Magic Mountain, which has great views, then on to the pearl shop and Juice factory for some tasty rums and fruit drinks. 

Tahiti - a honeymoon couple in front of a pineapple field with green mountains in the background in Tahiti

Patrick then took us to Belvedere lookout, which is exceptional, and pointed out the variety of fruit and nut trees that grow everywhere. He then showed us the remains of a religious temple and taught us some of the histories of the island natives, which was very moving. We then went to the pineapple fields in the interior of the caldera. Being in there reminded us of a green version of Zion national park.

For dinner, we ate at the creperie which is an overwater at the hotel and it was outstanding.

The next day Heather and I decided to set out on our own for a day of adventure.  We planned a hike using the Alltrails appLes Col des Trois Pinus via Tiki Park. 

The trailhead was about 5 miles from the hotel so we arranged for E-bikes with the concierge and rode these to the trailhead, which was a blast!  The hike was about a 5-mile hike through the jungle, past several of the religious temple remains, and up a moderate hill to the Col des Trois Pinus lookout point. 

The lookout not only has beautiful views of Moorea’s two bays below and the high peaks above, but it also has a wooden swing affixed to the trees! The return part of the loop took us back through the pineapple fields that we had seen the previous day.

Tahiti - a honeymoon couple standing at a lookout point in Tahiti overlooking the green island with tall mountains and just a glimpse of the ocean in the background

This bike & hike day was one of the highlights of the trip for us. 

This night we took a shuttle to Rudy’s restaurant, which was our favorite dining of the entire trip.  Classic, French style of cooking, geared toward local ingredients (the Parrotfish was amazing).  Rudy’s was so good we went back two nights later! 

Moorea Relaxation

The next day we lounged on the beach all day at the resort, a welcome day of relaxation.  The service and amenities were again outstanding.  Great snorkeling is available right from the hotel’s beachfront, and the pool is steps away as well.  The staff regularly checks in for drinks or food, without being intrusive.

 For dinner we did the buffet and Polynesian show, which we found to be a little underwhelming in terms of the food and the show. 

Snorkel Adventures

The following day we had arranged for a private ocean snorkeling tour with Moorea Ocean Adventures.  Neither of us knew really what to expect and we certainly couldn’t have anticipated how this day went.  The crew consisted of the captain, and wildlife specialist, and a professional photographer who happened to be on board doing some work for the company.  When we got on board, they were incredibly welcoming and tried to get a real feel for how adventurous we were.  They asked what sea life we wanted to see, and we said we were game for anything. 

They asked, “would you like to swim with humpback whales?”… ummm, yes!!

Apparently, French Polynesia is one of only 3 places in the world you can do this, and we just happened to be in the right time window for it.

Tahiti- a humpback whale underneath the waves in Tahiti
The Humpback whale that WE SWAM WITH!

  So we set out chasing humpbacks and listening for their calls for an hour or so until we finally got in the water near a whale that was “singing” non-stop.  Seeing the whale underwater within about 50 feet of us was absolutely surreal; a totally unique experience.  The photographer captured an amazing photo from our outing that he shared with us. 

After the whales, we went and swam with sea turtles, which was also incredible but seemed to pale in comparison.

We are overjoyed that Ann recommended this tour; it was worth every penny spent on it and then some!

Tahiti - blue waters and palm trees in a small Tahiti cove

The next morning we did a run/hike up Rotui (the trailhead is very close to the hotel), which rises very steep and provides great views of the hotel and ocean.  The trail is rather rugged and a guide was recommended to go all the way up, so we cut the hike short. 

a view of the Hilton Moorea resort from the hike up Mount Rotui. Green trees, blue waters and a perfect place for a Tahiti honeymoon

We decided to rent a car this day to tour the perimeter of the island.  Other than some souvenir shopping, this was a bust.  There’s really not much else to do or see via car, so we recommend against this. 

Moorea Overall Thoughts

a honeymoon couple toasts with a glass of wine in Tahiti

Some favorite foods and drink from our stay on Moorea: poisson cru, parrotfish at Rudy’s, mahi galette at the creperie, and always croissants at breakfast.

A few overall thoughts to share about the Hilton Moorea: On the positive side, the location is absolutely beautiful, the staff is very welcoming and attentive, there are a ton of great outings that the concierge will help book, the grounds are very clean, and the island itself is very friendly and welcoming and safe. 

On the negative side, the bungalows are a little weathered – in fact, our air conditioner broke on a couple of occasions.  The staff was very responsive in temporarily fixing it, but it was an inconvenience.  Additionally, the furniture around the pool and beach was dated, there was a fair amount of bird droppings on the grounds, the workout facilities were underwhelming,  and the food at the hotel was good, but not up to the quality of the Hilton Papeete, or the Taha’a resort still to come. 

Taha’a Pearl Resort & Overwater Bungalow

The next day was our plane-plane-boat transfer day to Taha’a for four nights in an overwater bungalow at Taha’a Pearl Resorts.  We first flew from Moorea back to Tahiti, where we had a long delay.  This was really the only bummer of the trip, having to wait in the Papeete airport for a couple extra hours for our flight to Raitea. 

looking down the walkway of a series of overwater bungalows in Taha'a  for a Tahiti honeymoon

When we finally did get to Raitea it was dark and we still had a boat ride to Taha’a Pearl Resorts, but as soon as we landed we got treated so well!  The resort staff was there to get our bags and load us onto the boat which was so charming.  We were then greeted on the dock at the resort and it was immediately clear that this resort was a step up. 

the view from inside a private overwater bungalow in Tahiti - wooded roof and a window overlooking the bay for a perfect Tahiti honeymoon

Our overwater bungalow was like something out of a magazine (or Instagram…). Private, incredible views and a window in the floor to watch the fish and rays.

Our first full day on Taha’a it was POURING.  So Heather booked a massage that was amazing. And we decided to book an excursion – a truck tour of the main island – for the next day since the weather looked a little ominous. 

fire dancers on the beach in Tahiti celebrating a Tahiti honeymoon

We took advantage of happy hour and then a buffet dinner and show. This time the buffet and show exceeded expectations and the fire dance was very impressive.

Around Taha’a

When we woke up to clear skies we were a little bummed that we weren’t just laying on the beach. But the truck tour ended up being totally worth it.  We were the only two on the truck with our lovely and charming guide Sylvie.  First stop was the Pari Pari distillery, which was fascinating and full of good smells and tastes.  The next stop was the Iaorana Pearl Farm which was such an incredible experience.  A transplant from New Zealand took a TON of time to explain to us the process of raising the oysters and how they form the famous black pearls.  Truly a unique and highly recommended stop. 

Sylvie then took us all around the island and showed us how to open coconuts before bringing us to the vanilla farm. There we learned about the processing of the famous vanilla beans.  The smells here were incredible too and we left with an armful of vanilla products.  On the return leg of the tour, it just so happened that the big outrigger canoe race was passing by Taha’a. So we got to enjoy the celebration that accompanies that race. 

We bid farewell to Sylvie and headed back to the resort for dinner.  We only ate at the main restaurant at the hotel, which was excellent, but we both wished we had a little more variety.  There is a second, fancier restaurant that is by reservation only and books fast. We recommend looking into that well in advance. 

Taha’a Relaxation

a honeymoon couple on vacation in Tahiti with blue water and overwater bungalows in the background

We spent the rest of our time on Taha’a at the resort on the beach, in the coral gardens, or just relaxing at our bungalow. This stay was really luxurious and beautiful and we loved the remoteness and privacy of Taha’a.

The resort sits on its own little island but has everything you need for a multi-night stay.  The grounds are immaculate and quite large.  There are multiple little private nooks and comfy sitting areas.  The pool is spectacular. And right next to it is a lunch restaurant where you can have your feet in the sand. 

All the little details – from an exceptional workout room to modern outdoor furniture, to ponchos and umbrellas provided when raining, to the friendliness of the staff when they ride by on their bicycles – put this resort over the top.

the Taha'a Pearls resort in Tahiti overwater bungalows and dining tables set up looking out over the blue water perfect for a Tahiti honeymoon

Finally, we boarded the boat from Taha’a Pearl Resort to return to Raitea Airport. Then from there a flight to Papeete airport.  We had about a 6-hour layover in Tahiti before our overnight flight back to Los Angeles.  So…we went for one more adventure and took a taxi back to our original stop of the Hilton Papeete hotel. Having one final excellent meal and bottle of wine, sitting by the pool, under the night sky, reveling our trip in French Polynesia. This was a much more enjoyable way to pass the time, rather than sitting in the airport!

Why use a Travel Agent for a Honeymoon in Tahiti?

Booking this trip with Ann was such a pleasant and stress-reducing experience.  All of her recommendations were excellent, and her knowledge of Tahiti and attention to detail with the itinerary was on point.  The island transfers and outing vouchers would be difficult to handle for a first-time visitor to Tahiti on their own, but Ann’s thorough day-by-day break down, information and preparation for us made this once in a lifetime experience seamless.

How to Pack Everything in A Carry-On

There’s nothing worse than missing a connection and realizing that your luggage is who-knows-where while you’re in a hotel halfway to your destination! Or arriving safe and sound in your intended destination while your bag has gone on holiday somewhere else! All that worry and focus on retrieving your carefully packed luggage takes up precious vacation time. The clear solution is to keep your luggage with you. Plus, packing it all in a carry-on prevents you from overpacking and having to cart and carry heavy luggage around on your trip!

But how on earth do you pack everything you need into one small carry-on? This question baffles so many travelers and often discourages them from even trying. Don’t worry! It can be done, even for very long trips. And we’re here to walk you through every step:

What to Bring

What you need to bring will be different for every trip, but there are some top tips and general rules to follow. It doesn’t matter if you’re heading out on a 4-day beach excursion or a 14-day European Adventure, always keep these tips in mind when packing:


three women ( Ann and Kristy) toast white wine in front of Villa Laura in Tuscany

Pick a color palette. You don’t have to wear only neutrals but sticking to a color palette will help you maximize the mix-and-match ability of your wardrobe. Think of it as a mini-capsule wardrobe.

Choose wrinkle-resistant clothing. Even in cold climates stick to breathable fabrics, that don’t wrinkle easily.

Layers layers layers. Rather than trying to pack a bunch of bulky sweaters, try to stick to layers. They give you versatility for sudden weather changes.

[Photo Credit: Ann via Shared Adventures. Packing layers and light accessories like scarves prepares you for all kinds of adventures! Read about Ann’s Tuscany adventure here!]

2 Pairs of shoes. You should have one pair of walking shoes ( which you will wear on the plane) and one pair of nicer dress shoes OR sandals if it’s a beachy holiday. Make sure your dress shoes are still comfortable to walk in and your walking shoes are nice enough to eat out in.

Do laundry. Depending on the length of your trip, pack for only 5 days and plan on doing laundry about halfway through.


Everything should be mini! Remember, there is no reason to bring a full bottle of anything. Aside from the airport security 3oz rule, you aren’t going to use a full bottle on your trip. Put all toiletries in mini bottles, use samples, and take half a bar. Or plan to pick up some new toiletries at a local store when you arrive.

Just the basics. Try to shrink down your cosmetics and skincare items to the basics.

Packing cubes/ Compression bags

We love using these for organization and for maximizing space. We’ve found a combination is best. Use compression bags (no vacuum required) for your bulkier items and anything that is truly wrinkle-resistant. Use packing cubes to organize the rest.

Pro-tip: If you’re traveling to several destinations with different climates– pack your cubes according to the destination rather than category. That way in each new destination you just need to unpack one cube!

Visualize Your Carry-On

5-7 Days Before Your Trip

This may seem early, but having more time to consider and think about your packing choices will help ensure you’re only packing what you really want to bring. Often your first ideas of what you should pack are not your best ideas.

1) Look up the weather. This is the biggest factor in your packing decisions.

2) Make a list. Use an app like PackPoint or old school pen and paper. To start, write down the essentials. Medication, toothbrush, underwear, etc. Then, fill in everything else you want to bring. Focus most on the activities you’ll be doing on your trip.

3) Check the airline’s bag requirements. Each airline has slightly different dimensions and weight requirements. So, double-check that you know what those are and that your bag fits within them.

three piles of folded clothing and a woman's hands as if packing them

4) Lay it out, try it on! Lay everything you want to bring out on your bed. Then start trying it all on! You want to plan out your outfits as much as possible. See how many can be mixed and matched, make sure you feel comfortable in your clothes, and that they all go together. Generally, we try to stick to the rule of 2-3 tops for every bottom. Pick clothes you can wear more than once.

[Photo Credit: Sarah Brown via Unsplash]

5) Pare it down. Get rid of anything that can only be worn once or only with one specific item and anything you’re not 100% comfortable in. Get rid of anything that cannot be worn for at least 2-3 of your planned activities. There’s no need to pack for “just in case we go to a ball” or “ just in case I decide to get up early and go for a 10-mile hike”. You’ll probably know if you’re doing something like that ahead of time.

6) Ruminate. Set everything aside to think about it.


2-3 Days before your trip

It’s time to start packing in earnest! You’ve had time to mull over your outfit choices and make sure you’re truly happy with them. Now let’s get them to fit into your carry-on!

1) Look up the weather just to make sure there aren’t any major changes.

2) Get your checklist and lay everything back out on the bed.

3) Go over everything you want to bring one more time and make sure there are no “ just in case” items.

4) Set aside essentials. Anything you’ll need on the plane: your flight essentials kit, medication, kindle, phone charger, important documents, wallet, liquids bag, etc. Also set aside your travel outfit, bulkiest jacket, and bulkiest shoes.

First Layer

5) Start with your bulkier items like jeans, jackets, and sweaters. Roll them as tightly as possible (consider using a compression bag) and layer them in the bottom of your suitcase.

6) Next take your most wrinkle-resistant items and roll them up in a compression bag for the bottom layer. ( If you’re not using a compression bag, roll them tightly and place them in the bottom layer.)

7) Add your shoes. Just one pair of nice shoes OR sandals. Arrange them so that the soles are facing the side of the bag and the soft side is inside. If possible, stuff the toe with socks.

8) Fill in any gaps or spaces on the bottom layer with socks, cables, chargers, belts, hats, scarves, medications, spare batteries, or any other small items.

9) Put all your non-liquid toiletries and makeup in their pouches and layer on top of your bottom layer to maximize cushioning and prevent breakage.

Pro tip: Place a cotton round in between your pressed powders and the lid to help prevent breakage.

Second Layer

10) Fold and/or roll ( depending on wrinkle resistance) the remaining tops, dresses, and pants into packing cubes. Place bras, underwear, and remaining socks in a cube of their own. Layer these cubes on top of toiletries.

11) Fill in the gaps with any remaining extras ( belts, hats, scarves, chargers, socks, etc)

12) Throw in an extra compression bag for your laundry.

13) Look at how it is all fitting together. Re-arrange as needed. You may find that your sweaters or jeans take up less space when folded. Or that you have an extra gap in the bottom layer that can be filled. This is a game of Tetris and you may need to shuffle things around to optimize it.

14) Close your suitcase!

Final Checks

15) Pack your personal bag. This should be bigger than your usual purse – think a large tote or small backpack. Include your flight essentials kit, important documents and wallet, liquids bag, phone charger, and fragile electronics (camera, computer, etc).

people walking down the cobblestone streets of Bologna

16) Take it all for a test drive! Even with door-to-door services, you’ll have to do some walking with all your luggage. And probably on an uneven surface. So, roll it around, take it upstairs, lift it, take it down the street. Check out how the wheels are rolling on uneven surfaces. (if it’s a soft bag you may have to check weight distribution).

If you find yourself getting overheated, frustrated, and exhausted then you have packed too much! Go back to the beginning and consider what you can do without.

[Photo Credit: Ann via Shared Adventures]

With the right attitude, a minimalist approach, and careful planning you’ll find it’s quite easy to pack it all in a carry-on! Try to leave some space for souvenirs. And remember, if you can’t picture an exact moment on your trip when you’ll need or wear something — you can leave it at home!

If you’re feeling confident in your new packing skills and are ready to plan an adventure to go with them, let us know!

Amsterdam, Belgium & Paris

We’ve worked with Beth and Bob on trips for a few years now and it’s always exciting to plan another adventure! Belgium has long been on their bucket list and we finally managed to pull it off. Despite some rainy weather and a head cold, they had an amazing time — which just goes to show, it’s all in the attitude! Here is their review of the long-awaited Belgium, Amsterdam & Paris adventure:

Thank you for planning an amazing, happy-memory-filled vacation for Bob and me! Not one glitch to report. 🙂


The Amsterdam hotel (Park Centraal Amsterdam) upgraded us for free to their tower suite. It had panoramic views of the city (park, canal, street) and was really lovely. The king bed was circular and very comfortable. There was a large soaking tub and large, all-glass shower. And, it was very quiet (a plus in a large city).

The hotel in Paris (Hotel du Louvre by Hyatt) was superb. We opened the window and there was the Louvre! Couldn’t beat the location and the service from the staff was outstanding. Super quiet room and spacious. Immaculate in every way.

The Portinari in Bruges was adorable, themed to The Son of Man with appropriate colors and art on the shower wall plus a bowler hat lamp and large ceramic green apple. It still makes me smile thinking about it. The glass wall and open shower were really unique. This was also a quiet, restful place with a wonderful staff.

In Brussels, the hotel (NH Brussels Grand Place Arenberg) was quiet and the staff was the best of all the ones we stayed at. The included breakfast was plentiful, a wide variety of fresh food, and lovely. The location was just right for us….a short walk from the train station and close to lots of restaurants and shopping. The bathroom needed a makeover and maintenance, but it may have been just our room.

Getting Around

Getting around by the train system was super easy. We had help purchasing the tickets when we needed help. In Antwerp, we got off the train too early, thinking it was our stop and not realizing there were 2 Antwerp stations.

It was a happy mistake: 1) the train station was breathtakingly gorgeous; 2) we were able to grab some snacks to take with us; and 3) the info desk pointed us to the platform where we boarded 20 minutes later for a direct train to Bruges. Our first ticket had us changing trains twice so it was reduced to 1. No problems to report with drivers or taxis.

[Photo Credit: Call me Fred via Unsplash- Antwerp Centraal Station]

The flights were uneventful. At Logan, they implemented a change at security where we walked alone by a dog and then didn’t have to do any of the usual security/scanner stuff. No removing items, no liquids check, nothing. The same was NOT true in Paris, where we were back to the old ways and I swear they checked our passports at least 6 times. Even when I purchased a bottle of water in the airport store near the gate, they asked for my passport. At the gate, an agent walked around and asked to see everyone’s passports as we were sitting, waiting for them to begin boarding. We read up on it and it appears to be random, but it’s not helpful when one is tired and sick.

Yes, sick. On day 2 we both developed head colds (not COVID). In Bruges, we stopped at a pharmacy. Then we did everything we planned to do on the trip except eat well. Because we couldn’t taste anything, it seemed pointless and we ate just to eat. To make the best of it, we ate our light meals in the parks so we could people-watch too. We stopped at many chocolatiers in Belgium and I took home a rolling backpack full of chocolate. The congestion lingers so I’ve been staring at the dining room table, waiting for the day I can start to dig in.

What to Do in Amsterdam & Belgium

We did canal rides in Amsterdam, Bruges, and Ghent. With the fall foliage, all were especially pretty. It rained every day during the trip but not constantly or heavily so we timed the boat rides during the breaks.

[Photo Credit: Danielle via Shared Adventures – a view from the canal in Amsterdam]

We saw a college graduation in the Grand Plaza of Brussels, on the steps of City Hall. It was so unique and then the downtown was swarming with happy people.

Our brewery tour in Bruges that would give OSHA nightmares. We loved it; it was fun but a little dangerous.

We climbed the bell tower in Bruges and the bell tower in Ghent – beautiful views below.

Museums didn’t disappoint The Rijksmuseum, Anne Frank House, Groeninge (really just to escape the rain) and the Mannekin Pis Museum (also impromptu, to avoid rain), and Choco-Story.

The cities’ architecture, shops, and streets were all so picturesque and we were content just walking around most of the day.

We downloaded walking tours for Bruges, Brussels, Amsterdam, and Ghent. Bob’s apple watch clocked us at 34 miles before we got to Paris. My running shoes were too broken in so I stopped at a Sketchers in Amsterdam and bought a new pair. That helped for sure.

[Photo: Walking Around Ghent]


We felt like we had run a marathon by the time we got to Paris so it was funny (!) that we had difficulty getting to our hotel because of a 10K road race. The taxi driver ended up telling us to get out and walk (because the roads were all detoured). We had to cross the race route twice, with our luggage click clacking on the cobblestones, and working our way up to the hotel. This was the only hotel where our room wasn’t immediately available but they gave us a “salon” to freshen up. It had a shower, sink, toilet, toiletries, towels and wash cloths, robes…very very nice. They stowed our luggage and we walked away from the crowds to the Tuileries, where we settled in for coffees and croissants. And ice cream. Because ice cream helps when you are sick! And it did!

In Belgium Beth showing off her chocolate- shopping bags in the Brussels Shopping Mall

Thanks so much for helping us have such an enjoyable vacation. Yay! We finally made it to Belgium!!


Tuscany 2023 Group Trip

Join us for a food and wine adventure in Tuscany! Shared Adventures Travel is hosting a delicious small-group experience next October, and we have just a few spots left. You do not want to miss out!


– Unique accommodations: two nights in Florence in a beautiful city center hotel, and five nights at a charming wine estate in the Tuscan countryside

– 7 breakfasts, 4 lunches & 7 dinners

– An array of fascinating food and wine-related experiences

– Fully-escorted by Shared Adventures Travel, with expert local drivers/guides

looking out from a stone wall on the classic trees and rolling hills of tuscany


October 14th -21st 2023

We’re limiting it to fewer than 20 people, to ensure a personal feel, so we recommend getting in touch ASAP before it fills up!


Grand Hotel Baglioni in the heart of Florence, we’ll enjoy a 2-night stay at this charming 19th-century hotel. Its rooftop terrace boasts impressive views of the city. And its elegantly furnished rooms show off a true Florentine style.

Buccelletti Casale and Cantina pool, lounge chairs and stone building surrounded by the green hills of Tuscany

Buccelletti Casali and Cantina– Five nights in this gorgeous, family-owned, and female-led villa and wine resort. Located in the stunning Val di Chio, just outside the town of Castiglion Fiorentino. The extensive grounds feature rustic rooms, stunning views, olive groves, vineyards, and a winery


Florence Duomo and the city behind it

Day 1

Arrive in Florence any time today and check in to the Grand Hotel Baglioni. We will all meet up for a welcome dinner at a nearby Florence restaurant.

(dinner included)

Day 2

Today we’ll enjoy a guided walking tour of Florence, including a visit to the Academia to see Michelangelo’s David. We’ll include time in the middle of our tour for lunch at the Mercato Centrale, and we’ll all meet back up again for dinner at another fabulous local restaurant.

(breakfast and dinner included)

Day 3

We’ll pack up and check out today and take a private transfer out into the countryside, to the Buccelletti Casali and Cantina. We’ll check in to our accommodations in Borgo Gaggioleto and gather together for a welcome dinner at the vineyard.

(breakfast and dinner included)

Day 4

Today is all about the olives! We’ll take part in the olive harvest in the morning, followed by a lunch and winetasting, and a guided tour of Castiglion Fiorentino this afternoon. We’ll have dinner together at a local restaurant in town.

(breakfast, lunch and dinner included)

Day 5

Daytrip in Val D’Orcia. We’ll visit the charming town of Pienza, tour (and taste) at the famous farm-to-table Podere il Casale, and do a winetasting along the way. Dinner this evening will be a fun hands-on cooking class back at the Cantina kitchen.

(breakfast, lunch and dinner included)

Day 6

Truffle hunting! We’ll visit a local farm and head out with the dogs to try our luck at finding some truffles, and then enjoy a delicious lunch at the farm. Dinner this evening is a pizza feast back at the Cantina.

(breakfast, lunch and dinner included)

Day 7

For our final day together, we’ll explore Cortona, the town famous as the setting for “Under the Tuscan Sun”. We’ll enjoy a guided tour, lunch at a local restaurant and time to shop and explore a bit on your own, before we head back for a special farewell dinner at the Cantina.

(breakfast, lunch and dinner included)

Day 8

This morning you’ll check out, and we’ve included a transfer to the local Castiglion Fiorentino train station. Depending on your onward travel plans, we can of course arrange a private transfer to the Florence or Rome airport, at added cost. (breakfast included)

How to Book

Total cost for this 7-night/8-day guided experience is 3800 Euros per person. There is no surcharge for solo travelers. Space is extremely limited, and will sell out quickly.

Email Annie@SharedAdventuresTravel.com for sign-up information!

You provided excellent guidance for us. I appreciated that you really had us think about what was most important to us when we were selecting the right cruise – and not to totally focus on what other people had to say. THANK YOU for helping to make this a memorable trip for our family! It really was a trip of a lifetime!

Clare and Mark (family cruise to Alaska)

The level of service we experienced was out of this world (and we did NOT make it easy on Ann). We weren’t quite sure where we wanted to go, when we would be able to go, or what “vibe” we were going for. After asking us some key questions (what we liked, didn’t like, why, etc.) Ann helped us narrow down our trip details and planned the honeymoon of our dreams. She helped book some of our excursions, answered some emergency questions while abroad and was always available/willing to help. I think it’s safe to say we won’t be using anyone else for future travel planning – Ann is a rockstar!

Carli (Italy and Spain)