Best. Compliment. Ever. From Belize

When Christina and Doug came back from their honeymoon in Belize, I was thrilled to hear that they had such a wonderful trip. And grateful that they took the time to send me such great, detailed feedback about the resort, the tours, and the local restaurants. But what really made my day was the quote below.  Because that’s what I try to do for every honeymoon couple…I want to bring to life the picture that’s in their mind!

Hi Ann,

You did an AWESOME job finding us exactly the honeymoon we wanted!  Placencia had the perfect combination of relaxation, adventure, and local soul that we wanted.  It was as if you knew exactly the place in our imaginations!

small island as viewed from the water Belize

belize hotel on the beach

A few specifics:

  • Roberts Grove was great-the staff was friendly, the amenities were good (kayaks/bikes/pools were awesome), and they offered convenient tours right from the resort!  The location was a bit outside the village but that was okay because it made for a quieter spot and it was a short bike ride in.
  • The tours were all incredible-we did a Monkey River Tour, snorkeling in the Silk Caye, and a Mayan Ruin/Cave Swimming Tour.  The cave swimming was our favorite-it truly was a once in a lifetime experience!  I will say that the Mayan Ruin Tour was a bit underwhelming (but informative), so it was really nice that it was paired with the adventurous cave swimming!  The food on that tour was also THE BEST!  We ate at a place called Coleman’s Cafe-quite a drive from the resort but close to the cave and worth it!  It was great that all of the tours had very knowledgeable local tour guides and included food from nearby.  We didn’t do the Jaguar Reserve Tour, but everyone we talked to said that was underwhelming and didn’t see jaguars (so maybe not a draw for jaguar fanatics?).
  • All of the food we ate was phenomenal- Habenero (at Roberts Grove) was a favorite, as was Vern’s Kitchen in Seine Bight (a 10 minute walk from the resort), Rumfish y Vino in the village for a fancy place, and Omar’s for local creole food.  There’s also an AWESOME gelato place right next to Rumfish y Vino called tutti frutti – people (including us) love it! CanAm Cafe is also a local coffee shop (2 minutes walking from the resort) that we tried on the last day, and we were so sad we waited until then!  They were so friendly and the coffee was delicious!
  • The small plane ride from Belize City to Placencia was also super cool-definitely a good start and end to the trip for the adventurous types!

rushing rapids through a rainforest

the golden sunset over Belize waters

I hope all of that isn’t totally overwhelming, but once I started writing, I just couldn’t stop-we loved the place-the people are wonderful, everything was just great.


Christina and Doug

Belizean Bliss

Honeymooners Samantha and Curtis just returned from a romantic/adventurous stay in Belize, at Francis Ford Coppola’s luxury beachfront lodge, the Turtle Inn.  They were  kind enough to share some really detailed feedback (and gorgeous photos), and it sounds like they had an amazing time.  Try not to be TOO jealous!  Better yet…give me a call and we can book your own “escape” to Belize 🙂

Hi Ann,

Belize was wonderful! We had such a great time!


Belize was beautiful! Our resort was located in Placencia which was a very safe community with no crime being reported in the last 10 years! English is the official language of Belize so it was very easy to communicate with people. The other languages spoken are Spanish and some Creole. We visited during the dry season so it was very warm but that provided great weather all week long!

Relaxing by the pool at the Turtle in Resort, Belize for your honeymoon


Turtle Inn was splendid! Very clean resort and the staff were all very friendly and helpful. Our accommodations were directly on the beach which provided a great view day after day.  Prices for items in the gift shop and for meals/drinks were a bit pricey but since it is a 5 star resort we understood the pricing. American money was easily accepted and prices for food/drink were displayed in USD. Only two things that may be concerning to others traveling here.  First, you cannot throw toilet paper in the toilets as it clogs their septic so you needed to dispose of your toilet paper in a waste basket.  We had no issues with this but I can see this perhaps being an issue for other guests. Second was the sand fleas. During dawn and dusk is when they strike and after getting to the resort we should have gone right to the gift shop to buy bug spray but we did not. That night at the beach restaurant, we gotten eaten alive! I got the worst of it and my legs were covered in small red bites that look like bed bug bites and itched like crazy! This was the only part of the trip which I found to be troublesome as I was constantly itching and applying anti-itch cream.

inside the luxurious room at the turtle inn resort in Belize Belize 3 Belize 4 Belize 5


There were 3 restaurants located on the property but due to it being the slow season only 2 would open each night on a revolving schedule. All 3 restaurants were great but we seemed to eat at the main restaurant called “The Mare” the most which offered Italian and Seafood. There was Gauguin Grill located right on the beach and served seafood and then the last restaurant called Auntie Luba’s which served authentic Belizean style dishes. On Mondays and Thursdays at The Mare they held a traditional Dutch-Indian supper which we participated in and the food was all very good. All their seafood is caught fresh daily then prepared later that day. Curtis mostly ate seafood for all his meals and never had any complaints! I on the other hand could not get enough of their pizza! It was so delicious! There was a continental breakfast every morning which included fresh fruit, hard-boiled egg or yogurt with granola, fresh pastries, coffee, tea, and fresh squeezed juice.  As a bonus you could have breakfast delivered to your room! If you did not want the continental option they did have additional options on the menu for an additional cost. I personally loved ordering the beignets! There were 2 bars located at the resort as well which were open daily.  One was right on the beach! All our drinks were delicious — especially my favorite, the coconut mojito, in which they literally would chop down a coconut from a nearby tree and make your drink in the coconut! You could also go into town which was a 5 minute drive and had additional eating options.  We only went out one night to a restaurant called “Secret Garden” which was recommended by the resort and it was good and the prices were very reasonable. They also had a gelato cafe in town which was really delicious! Wish we would have known about it sooner as we would have gone there every night or at least I would have liked to!

Belize 9 honeymoon on the beach with drinks in Belize

As mentioned before the cost for food/drink was pricey and we tried not to think about it since it was our honeymoon but we met another couple at the resort who informed us that they had gone with the honeymoon package which included all meals. I looked this up on Turtle Inn’s website and I think it looks like a great deal. It was unfortunate that it was not brought to our attention when booking.  Having all meals included (2 appetizers, 2 entrees, and 2 desserts per meal) would have been a nice bonus.


We went on 4 tours/excursions while in Belize. The first was a manatee watch which I loved as manatees are my favorite animal! We saw plenty of manatees and our tour guide was very knowledgeable about them and knew where to find them! Our second tour was a trip to the Jaguar Preserve which was probably my favorite. It was very hot that day and we took a strenuous hike through the rainforest but the views from the top and getting to swim in waterfalls and see all types of birds and some lizards along with where a jaguar took a dust bath made it all worthwhile! After our hike, we got to go river tubing at the preserve which was very relaxing and we got to see a lot more birds! The third excursion was Cave Tubing/Zip Lining. Cave tubing was very cool but not for those who are claustrophobic. It was also very dark and quiet in the caves which made it eerie. Learning about the Mayan history with the caves was very interesting and we even got to see some left over Mayan pottery. Fruit bats lived in the caves and I personally love bats so I was excited to see so many! Water was shallow in the caves but at one point it does drop deep and another time when walking back it did go up to your chest. We then stopped at a local Belizean restaurant for lunch which was very good. Once finished we headed to zip lining in the jungle! That was fun as well but also a bit nerve wracking! I would not recommend if you are afraid of heights.  Finally, we ended our stay with a sunset cruise on the lagoon. There were plenty of snacks and drinks and our guide boated us around the lagoon and waterfront homes while we watched the sun set.  All our tour guides were great but our favorite has to be Melvin from Turtle Inn! Very knowledgeable and friendly! Always providing us with interesting facts/information, taking our photos, and answering all our questions! He always made sure we had enough to drink and eat when on the tours.  Another neat part about the tours is that we were always the only ones on them which made them very personal which was nice. We thought this was due to the slow season but the resort said they prefer to do them this way because it gives it the personal touch and experience.

Belize 10 Belize 13 Belize 12

Belize 17 honeymoon couple on a boat in Belize at sunset


The only other comment we have is that we heard a lot about their sister resort, the Blancaneaux Lodge.  A lot of people staying at Turtle Inn raved about it as they split their trip by staying there a few days then going to Turtle Inn or vice versa. With everyone saying so many good things about it we kind of wished we had done so as well. We know at the time we were concerned about losing a day due to the traveling but from everyone we spoke to it seemed it would have been worth it.

If I think of anything else, I will be sure to let you know! Thanks so much for helping us book an amazing honeymoon!

Belize 6


 Samantha & Curtis

Spring Break at sea

   The Norweigan Star Cruise Ship                            

Norwegian Star

March 2016

I just got back from a Spring Break cruise with my family, on the Norwegian Star, sailing from Tampa to the Western Caribbean ports of Roatan (Honduras), Belize City, Costa Maya (Mexico) and Cozumel.  This was our first time in a suite, my first time taking advantage of NCL’s popular “Feel Free” promotion, and my first visit to Honduras/Belize, so I’m eager to share some impressions.


We all flew into Tampa separately on Saturday, as the kids were coming from their college campuses in Virginia and Vermont.  I had arranged that we’d all meet up at the Tampa Airport Marriott for a one-night pre-cruise stay, and that worked out perfectly!  The airport itself is big, modern, and easy to navigate, and the hotel is connected to the main terminal (a five-minute walk from baggage claim).  The room was spacious — two queen beds and a rollaway and plenty of room to walk around. We had dinner at Friday’s (right in the airport) and breakfast at the hotel the next morning before we headed out. We strolled out of the airport at about noon on Sunday and just grabbed a cab ($25) to the pier.  Would definitely stay there again!

The Suite Life

Lines were minimal at noon and, as suite guests, we got the VIP treatment. We waited for about five minutes in a dedicated check in line and then they walked us over to a VIP area, where a butler gave us all our paperwork, offered us some cool drinks, walked us onboard, and escorted us to a special lunch at Cagneys (the steakhouse). Quite the first impression!

After lunch, we went to check out our Two Bedroom Family Suite, and found champagne and canapés waiting for us 🙂  Our butler stopped by to introduce herself and to let us know how to contact her if we needed anything. She showed us how to work the nespresso machine and gave us a list of DVDs we could request (the suite had three separate TVs with DVD players).

plate of chocolate strawberries


The suite itself was gorgeous. Lots of teak and mirrors, and very “yachty” feeling. There was an entry hall with a door to the kids’ bedroom (sleeps up to three people, in one full bottom bunk and one twin upper) and their bathroom (with a nice big shower). Beyond that was a large living/dining room with pullout couch, TV, dining table, fridge, coffee maker and sliding door to a balcony with two padded loungers. From the living room, pocket doors led into a large, private master suite with king bedroom, plenty of storage, and a huge bathroom with closets, a sit-down makeup table/vanity, double sinks, a separate WC, a huge walk-in shower with multiple heads and an ocean view, and a jacuzzi tub with TV and windows to the ocean and the balcony (shades can be drawn for privacy). Bedroom area was very dark at night — like an inside cabin – perfect for sleeping.

IMG_0974 IMG_0981 IMG_1024 IMG_1002 IMG_0999 IMG_0965 relaxing table and chair with champagne on the balcony of a crusie ship

As far as the “suite perks”, they were fabulous.  We had access to a special sit-down breakfast and lunch every day in one of the specialty restaurants, priority tender ticket in the ports, priority embarkation and disembarkation, invitations to the Captain’s cocktail party, and special treats would appear in our suite every afternoon…chocolate-covered strawberries, fruit and cheese platters, sandwiches, cookies, etc.

The Ship

The Star is one of Norwegian’s older ships, though it’s been renovated recently, and I do have to admit that I like the newer ships better. Having recently sailed on the Getaway and the Escape, I found myself missing some of the things that I really liked on the bigger ships  —  like the gelato shop, Carlo’s Bakery, and the way the specialty restaurants open out onto the promenade deck, with outdoor seating. The entertainment was a little bit lacking (no Broadway-style shows like on the other ships), and I think the kids’ pool area on the Star needs to be re-vamped.  It’s small and there’s no seating for parents who are there supervising their children. All of that being said, however, we did not choose this cruise based on the ship itself, and it was MORE than fine for our purposes.

The one thing I didn’t fully think through was the fact that this was a Spring Break sailing. Obviously, I knew my own kids were on break that week, but I didn’t realize that it was the University of Tampa’s Spring Break (as well as many other nearby schools, apparently) and that the ship would be FULL of college kids. For the most part, that was fine. I was not out late at night in the bars/lounges where the kids would congregate, but they did take over the pool area during the day. All available seats, and every square inch of the (small) swimming pool was filled with spring breakers, so we did not use the pool at all.


As part of NCL’s “Feel Free” promotion, we received free Ultimate Dining and free Ultimate Beverage packages – which meant we could eat in all the specialty restaurants without paying any surcharges, and we enjoyed alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages without any bar tab 🙂 I have to say, this was a key factor in our enjoyment of the cruise. We did eat in the main dining room one night, just to see what it was like, and the food/service were definitely not of the same caliber as we found in the specialty restaurants. Our favorites were Cagneys (steaks) and La Cucina (Italian), but we also enjoyed Moderno (the Brazilian restaurant) and Ginza (where we ate at the Teppanyaki table one evening).  We had lunch one day at O’Sheehan’s, which I always find to have really slow service, across all of NCL’s ships (can’t figure out why), and we tried room service for breakfast one morning (which came right on time, piping hot, but with a couple of items missing).  The only dining outlet we really disliked was the buffet.


Most of the passengers on this Spring Break cruise seemed to have selected the free Ultimate Beverage package as their perk (only suite guests get ALL of the perks), and I was afraid there would be long lines and watered-down drinks, given the fact that everyone was drinking for “free”. Fortunately, this was not the case. There were occasional waits at the pool bar (totally understandable) and we did not see servers roaming the pool area taking drink orders (even more understandable, since they were not getting any gratuities), but our drinks were good, and we really enjoyed being able to have that extra glass of wine, or an after-dinner drink, without thinking about whether we really needed it. One thing I really liked on this ship was the open-air Biergarten up above the pool. It was a great (less-congested) place to grab a cold drink during the day, and we sat up there one evening after dinner enjoying a cocktail under the stars.

Shore Excursions

The weather was sunny and windy all week, and the seas were rough enough that we had to skip one port entirely (Costa Maya) because the ship could not safely dock. We enjoyed the other ports tremendously, and we were very lucky that we did not have to skip Belize, because the Carnival ship that was in port with us that day decided it was unsafe to send their (smaller) tenders in to shore. In Roatan my family did a SNUBA adventure that I skipped (you will not find me breathing from a tank…I can barely handle snorkeling), but they absolutely loved. They came back sunburned and exhausted.

SNUBA diver holding up a starfish for the camera Ev underwater CEP underwater

In Belize we visited the Lamanai Mayan ruins. It was a long day — with a bus ride from Belize City, a boat ride up a river, hiking around the ruins, and then boat ride, lunch, and bus ride back – but it was very interesting, and I actually enjoyed the exhilarating boat ride the most!  Costa Maya turned into an extra sea day, given the rough seas, and we docked in Cozumel that evening (instead of the next morning) which meant all the college kids could spend the night drinking at Senor Frogs!

IMG_1032 mayan ruins in Belize

Our Cozumel tour was a snorkeling excursion that visited two reefs and then included lunch, open bar, and some free time at the Playa Mia beach club. It was the perfect combination of relaxation and adventure.

FullSizeRender IMG_1075

Overall, this was a very relaxing, enjoyable week with my family. The ports were fun, we liked the ship, and we loved the suite.  Because we had the extra space, we spent a lot of time hanging out in the cabin – lounging on the balcony, watching movies in the living room, etc.  I think it was especially nice to have the private space since the pool area was so crowded and busy on this sailing. The “Feel Free” perks were amazing – when you add up the value of the specialty dining, free drinks, shore excursion credits and prepaid gratuities, along with all the perks that came with the suite, the cruise was an incredible value, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.


A love affair with Belize…

You really can’t ask for a better, more detailed, more personal trip review than this. Maggie and Matt clearly LOVED their honeymoon in Belize 🙂

Our honeymoon was, in one word: amazing. We miss being in Belize every single day and we can’t wait to go back! I apologize for taking so very long to get this to you–to be honest, every time I start to write it, I get sad because we aren’t in Belize…

When we arrived in Belize on the 6th, a driver from Chaa Creek was outside the airport, waiting to pick us up. We discovered while on the plane, though, that the couple sitting behind us was also going to Chaa Creek! That was really nice, as we hit it off with them nicely, so sharing the van with them for the two hour drive to Chaa Creek was a fun experience. Our first stop, after not even three minutes driving, was at a local market so the guys could get some beers for the drive (apparently it’s totally OK for passengers to drink while the car is in motion! Very cool.) They brought back the local Belizean beer called “Belikin”, which we happily drank on our way to Chaa Creek. Just driving through the country was interesting… such beautiful terrain the whole way through.

Maggie 1

Upon arriving at Chaa Creek, we were greeted by the super friendly staff at the reception desk, with cool peppermint neck towels and sorel juice laid out for us. Sorel juice is made from a local pink flower that looks just like the hibiscus flower and it is delicious and refreshing! The peppermint towels were a wonderful relief from the humidity (although we were honestly never uncomfortable due to the weather–it was the perfect time to visit, rain showers from time to time, but still gorgeous, even then). We were led to our *BEAUTIFUL* room–complete with a thatched roof, beautiful stone floors, tall ceilings, beautiful decor and honeymoon flowers and towel decorations everywhere! We had TWO showers, one that was a completely private outdoor shower, and one indoor shower that was big enough to host a party in. It was heavenly. The bed was luxurious and all the decor was beautiful and handmade. I hate to describe it right now because it’s making me really want to go back! Our room also came with two hammocks that we would hang up on the front deck outside our room to read in whenever we had down time. It was perfection. Our first dinner was a delicious lobster tail (mine) and a perfectly cooked steak (Matt’s)–both with Belizean flavor and fresh, local side dishes. The food was perfection, each and every day. We were about ready to move in. After relaxing all afternoon and evening, we scheduled a couples massage at the spa (overlooking the jungle!) for the following morning, which was absolutely glorious, relaxing and heavenly all at once.

Maggie 2Maggie 3

After lunch, we took off for our first excursion, which was ziplining through the jungle at a place called Calico Jack’s. Our driver and tour guide was named Hugh, and he was so, so informative and friendly that the drive there ended up being just as wonderful as any other part of the trip! We loved Hugh! Ziplining through the rainforest was unbelievable… at first I was terrified (Matt went first and loved it) but after my first line, I was in love. It’s exhilarating, exciting and absolutely beautiful. The two guides who took us ziplining were very informative & friendly, and as we walked through the jungle from line to line, they would stop and show us such interesting things in the rainforest, ways to survive or interesting creatures (the ‘give and take’ tree was so cool!–if you touch the sharp needles on the bark, it poisons you, but cut the tree open and you’ll find the antidote in its sap!)

Maggie 11

The next morning, Hugh’s brother, Daren, took us on a tour of Xunantunich, a Mayan site about an hour away from Chaa Creek. It was a fascinating and very humbling experience. The history of the Mayans is so, so rich in Belize. Daren was more than willing to take pictures of us there–and the pictures he took turned out wonderfully! He eventually told us that photography is a big hobby of his and that he’d won a competition to have a photograph he took of a local bird be on the cover of Belize’s telephone book (we later got to SEE the photo/telephone book in real life at the next place we stayed! It was really awesome). That afternoon, Daren drove us to the second half of our day, which was canoeing through a dark and beautiful cave. There were bats flying waaay above us in the cave, which added to the spooky and ethereal feeling. Towards the end, when we were closer to the exit of the cave, Daren had us switch off our headlamps so we could experience what total blindness felt like–such a bizarre feeling… and then he guided us out of the rest of the cave in TOTAL darkness. It was such an amazing experience that we’ll never forget.

Maggie 5Maggie 10

The following day, we went to another Mayan village, called Cahal Pech, and Hugh was our tour guide again (to our excitement!). This one was just as fascinating as the previous day’s excursion to Xunantunich. We had originally planned to go to the huge, Indiana Jones-style cave excursion called ATM, but the rain in the afternoon had caused the risk of flash flooding, which isn’t worth the risk, for sure! The staff definitely felt bad that we had to change our plans, and they went above and beyond to make sure our day was still fun and well-planned. After we went to Cahal Pech, Hugh drove us into the Mennonite area of Belize, which was really interesting. It basically looked like Pennsylvania had been plopped down in the middle of the rainforest! We stopped at an ice cream shoppe that served homemade Mennonite ice cream and it was delicious (we’d recommend the coconut ice cream!). Hugh was so informative and excited to show us Belize that the feeling was infectious… we had such a great time with all of our guides, Hugh, Daren & Selwyn in particular.

Maggie 6

On our last day at Chaa Creek, we went for a horseback ride in the rainforest and finally heard some howler monkeys! It was unreal! They sound terrifying but they’re tiny monkeys who are only interested in making a big racket to scare away other howler monkey families (very territorial). We’d heard from so many other travelers that the howler monkeys would wake us up every morning before the sun was even up, but it never happened (apparently because it wasn’t mango season–so avoiding being woken up that early was just another reason why we’re happy we went in October!). Our guide, Selwyn, worked really hard to get us as close to the monkeys as possible so we could take videos and lots of pictures. We ended our horseback ride with views overlooking miles and miles of rainforest–it was breathtaking–and the perfect ending to our time at Chaa Creek (even though we would’ve preferred it to never end).

Maggie 7Maggie 9

This is such a short summary of all the amazing things we did in Chaa Creek–the waterfall infinity pool on site was beautiful and so much fun (I mostly summarized all the adventures we had, but we had lots of relaxing downtime by the pool and reading in our hammocks–glorious!), the food was delicious (the morning fryjacks are our favorite–we’re still missing those!–we even saved the dinner menus they slipped under our doors each night so we can remember how good the food was!), the property and our room was utter perfection and the staff was wonderful–so friendly, happy, kind & personable. Hugh even came by the local airport we were flying out of to get to the next leg of our trip after we’d left Chaa Creek (on his day OFF!) to give us a DVD he had told us about from which he learned so much about the Mayan ruins he guided us through. We were so blown away by that. Shenny, Hugh, Daren, Saul, Rose were some of the most amazing people we met through Chaa Creek! All the dining staff, too, were truly a pleasure to be around. All of the locals we met outside of Chaa Creek were wonderful as well–happy, friendly and so welcoming. We unfortunately can’t remember everyone’s names from Chaa Creek, but everyone was equally friendly and always happy to help us everywhere we went. We truly felt we made friends there. We can’t WAIT to go back!!

Maggie 15

The small ten passenger plane that took us from the mainland of Belize to San Pedro on Ambergris Caye was really fun and provided beautiful views the entire ride. We arrived at the local airport on San Pedro and were quickly picked up in a roomy golfcart by a Ramon’s Village employee who was extremely friendly and enthusiastic. After relaxing in our room for a while and exploring the beach/walking along the beach, we decided to grab dinner at Caroline’s Cookin’, a local restaurant that was about a 3 minute walk from our room. I’d read reviews on Yelp that all informed me that Caroline’s was the place to go. Boy were they right! It was absolutely delicious. We had made reservations earlier in the day (which we came to find out were totally unnecessary as it was the slow season) and when we came back for dinner, Caroline cooked our meal herself and chatted us up throughout dinner. Matt ordered the jerk conch (conch was in season so we had a LOT of it and it was all delicious!) and I ordered the curried shrimp… we both had a few rum punches (one of which Caroline gave us for free) and it was all heavenly. We were the only customers (reflection of the season not the service & food!) so we got lots of attention.

Maggie 13

Almost every day that we were in San Pedro, we relaxed in thatch-covered hammocks on the beach, reading our books and refilling our drinks whenever a staff member came by. It was the most heavenly paradise. That was our absolute favorite part about staying on the beach–just relaxing together in our hammocks! Even when it rained one day, we stayed where we were, because we were completely sheltered and it was still warm. It was wonderful. Although we’d thought about going out on a snorkeling trip, we were having such a wonderful time relaxing together on the beach each day that we never wanted to move a muscle! (Plus, snorkeling trips there can get expensive and we weren’t interested in spending extra money–something to do next time!)

Maggie 16

The only day we really explored away from Ramon’s was our last day–we wanted to get some souvenirs for our family, so we walked around some of the touristy shops and bought gifts that were cheaper than the gifts offered in Ramon’s gift shop. We also found a fantastic chocolate shop that made really delicious treats–we had chocolate confections for dessert one night and also bought a few bars to bring back as gifts. Another excellent restaurant we went to was Elvi’s Kitchen. The food was absolutely delicious, the staff was friendly and accommodating, and the floors were made of sand! It was a really fun experience. Elvi’s Kitchen was a lot farther of a walk from Ramon’s Village than we’d realized, so by the time we left dinner it was very dark and I was really grateful to have my tall, muscled and imposing husband by my side. San Pedro is most definitely more developed in all areas than Chaa Creek and the surrounding town of San Ignacio, and it was never clearer than when we were out at night. We were just about the only people not traveling by golf cart (we were on foot) so I’m sure if we’d been in a golf cart I’d have felt safer, but we couldn’t justify renting it for just one dinner–it’s really not necessary during the day at all (unless you want to explore the undeveloped regions of the Caye).

Maggie 12

On our second to last night there, we decided to order a pizza to be delivered to our room! We missed pizza (even though the Belizean food was delicious) and it made for a fun night in together. On our last night, we had dinner at the restaurant at Ramon’s Village. Although it wasn’t the best meal we had, it was still really good. The breakfasts we had at Ramon’s Village were all delicious, too, and they all came with fryjacks! Being out on the hammocks on the beach during lunch was awesome–we ordered right from a waiter and ate while sitting in our hammocks! Since we’ve gotten back home, our first purchase as a married couple was a two-person hammock! We miss those relaxing days!!

We never wanted our honeymoon to end, it was so amazing. You’ve made us life-long Belize travelers… we can’t wait to get back as soon as we can! THANK YOU SO MUCH, Ann!!!

– Maggie and Matt


You provided excellent guidance for us. I appreciated that you really had us think about what was most important to us when we were selecting the right cruise – and not to totally focus on what other people had to say. THANK YOU for helping to make this a memorable trip for our family! It really was a trip of a lifetime!

Clare and Mark (family cruise to Alaska)

The level of service we experienced was out of this world (and we did NOT make it easy on Ann). We weren’t quite sure where we wanted to go, when we would be able to go, or what “vibe” we were going for. After asking us some key questions (what we liked, didn’t like, why, etc.) Ann helped us narrow down our trip details and planned the honeymoon of our dreams. She helped book some of our excursions, answered some emergency questions while abroad and was always available/willing to help. I think it’s safe to say we won’t be using anyone else for future travel planning – Ann is a rockstar!

Carli (Italy and Spain)