a long queue snaking underneath the Eiffel Tower - save time by using skip-the-line tickets

7 Ways to Save Time and Maximize Your Vacation

7 ways to maximize your vacation and save time pin
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Whether you’re going on a multi-city adventure around Europe or an all-inclusive getaway to Mexico – you always want more time to relax, enjoy and explore! Time is our most precious luxury these days. There’s never enough of it, and no matter how we spend it- we can’t get it back. As travel advisors, we help you save time in the planning process by taking on the tiring logistics. That way you have more time to do the fun where-am-I-going-to-eat research! Then, while you’re on vacation, your time is truly a luxury to be enjoyed. There are a few things you can do to save time and spend more of it enjoying your vacation!

Here are our Top 7 Time-Saving Tips for your next adventure:

TSA Precheck & Global Entry

Begin saving time right away and get through the airport faster! Paying a little extra to skip the long security lines makes the airport process a breeze and will jump-start your vacation with ease and relaxation. There are actually four options for skipping the airport line – we’ve broken down the pros and cons here!


a long queue snaking underneath the Eiffel Tower - save time by using skip-the-line tickets

There’s nothing worse than arriving at a must-see sight like the Louvre or the Tower of London only to find an impossibly long line snaking around the corner. Now you have to decide – is this site worth standing in line for hours to get in? You didn’t plan the perfect vacation with us just to spend your precious vacation time in line!

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There are a couple of ways you can save time and avoid this dilemma. From a Fastpass at Disney to guided tours with special access. Or, simple skip-the-line entry tickets that allow you to join a shorter entrance line without needing a full tour guide. However you decide to see the incredible sites in your destination, it pays to plan ahead for the ones that are likely to have long lines! 

Get an Early Start & Plan a Few Buffer Days

Setting aside a few days to sleep in is always nice on vacation, but when you have a destination full of things to do and see it’s best to get an early start! There’s something magical about wandering around a city before the day trippers and late-risers flood the streets. Having the most stunning sites all to yourself is an unforgettable experience and a true reward for that early morning wake-up call.

Always plan a buffer vacation day on either end of your trip. Before the trip, this gives you time to double-check that everything is ready for travel, and run any last-minute errands. And, you can sleep-in in the morning, and get to bed early to make sure you’re well-rested for your vacation! After your trip, having an extra day to get over jet lag and slowly go through all the photos (and laundry) is definitely worth it. 

Reserve A Beach Spot

Don’t spend all your time on the beach looking for the best spot to put down your towel. When possible, reserve a lounger, umbrella, or cabana with your hotel for at least a few days of your vacation. That way you can just breeze right down to your spot and let the beachy relaxation begin immediately without having to worry about staking out a place. For resorts that don’t offer advance reservations like that, investing in an upgraded club- or butler-level room category sometimes brings with it special perks like reserved beach areas.

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rows of white beach loungers set against the blue sky of Saint Tropez

Make a Favorites Map

There are so many useful apps and technology tools to help us travel these days. One of our favorite time-saving tools is Maps. With either something like Wanderlog or just My Maps by Google, you can drop pins of must-see sights, delicious-looking restaurants, and delightful street art. You’ll avoid constantly trying to look up directions or remember what that one little cafe is called. You can use a personalized map to see what’s already nearby or automatically look up directions without having to remember the name and address. 

Pack Light

There are few feelings more freeing than walking off the plane and heading straight to your hotel to start your day. No need to worry about lost luggage or wait at the baggage carousel. If you can pack it all in a carry-on it’s worth it! You won’t need to struggle lugging heavy suitcases around the airport or hotel – and when the plane lands, you get to waltz right into vacation mode!

Use your Concierge and the Tourism Office

Who knows their city better than the locals? And these locals are specifically tasked with helping you discover their city! Both the hotel concierge and the local tourism office will have intimate knowledge of the best restaurants, upcoming markets, hidden gems, and local tips and tricks! Don’t spend all your time trying to do the research on your own. Instead, utilize this vastly underutilized resource! Or lean on your travel advisor during the planning process (if you did not already know this, Shared Adventures offers concierge service – from restaurant recommendations and reservations to finding the most specific kind of shop or gallery you can imagine — for a very reasonable hourly fee.)

Time is a finite resource that cannot be recovered, so make it count. Let us know if you’re ready to save time on your next adventure!


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